"We'll make you stronger & faster than you've ever experienced."

Learning About You

We look through a large range of personal attributes including your recent and longterm training data, time availability, equipment usage & personal goals.

This is used to form your unique rider profile, allowing us to understand where you're currently at in your training lifecycle.

Personalised Monthly Program


By performing initial and monthly testing we are able to assess how your fitness is improving.

Depending on whether you have a power meter or heart rate monitor, we will provide you with your individual training power and heart rate zones that will be used in your training program.


You will also be provided with your performance profile, detailing your: strengths, weaknesses and rider type.

Rider Analysis and Goals

We compare your test data to your personal attributes to create a custom training formula unique to you, designed to develop you into the strongest and fastest version of yourself.

We ensure that your training is structured with your big goals in mind, to have you peaking at exactly the right moment.

Strength Exercise Sessions

Your program will be extremely detailed, including but not limited to; ride duration and intensity, specific efforts, strength exercises, technique drills and nutritional advice.

We will evolve your monthly cycling program depending on your fitness status, training data, proximity to goals and your feedback.


Efforts are time based workout intervals that range in specific duration, intensity and quantity, which are designed to improve a cyclists endurance, threshold & sprint power.

The majority of cyclists have weaknesses in particular muscle groups and/or on one side of their body,

We prescribe you strength exercises to perform that will make you even faster on the bike.

Pedalling Technique

The most overlooked component of cycling is how you turn your pedals around, some talk about pushing down and pulling up or scraping mud off your boot and kicking forward. The truth is none of these are correct, it's all about circles and constant pressure. We provide you with the exercises that will increase your efficiency, saving you more energy, helping you ride further and quicker.


Without putting the right amount and types of fuel into your body, you wont get the benefits from the training out of it.

In the Gold plan we will advise you on the ideal food and liquids to ingest before, during and after your ride. This will ensure that your training improvements are realised, your physique is lean and defined and the likelihood of sickness is greatly minimised.

Your Feedback

While our athletes are experiencing strong results from the training that we are prescribing to them, we use your feedback to refine your training programs even further.



Velo Goals Athlete

"Velo Goals helped me lose weight and get fit, fast. From an average climber to now dropping my riding mates, all in the last few months of focused training."



Velo Goals Athlete

"Amazing responsiveness and engaged coaching! While I've only been with Velo Goals for a short time, the level of interaction with my coach has been well beyond expectations."


Velo Goals Athlete

"I work a fair bit and Velo Goals has helped me get to the level of fitness I had only dreamed of without the hours that I thought I had to put in."


Frequently Asked Questions

How fit and experienced do I need to be to join Velo Goals?

Velo Goals is for anyone from the beginner to the full time racer, we don't have minimum requirements. We take the time to analyse your current fitness situation and experience, to craft you a cycling program that's just right, neither too hard or easy.

What are the benefits of using Velo Goals?

Velo Goals will make you stronger and faster than you've ever been on the bike by giving you day by day rides to undertake that are tailored to your current fitness and where we think be can get you to. If you've scanned the internet for services similar to Velo Goals you'll notice that the they are way over charging their athletes.

How many hours a week free do I need to have?

We will structure you training around your daily availability, so whether you have 4 hours a week free or 25, your training plan will fit perfectly with your schedule.

Do I need to live in any particular country?

No, as long as you have internet and a bike to ride your sorted.

Is Velo Goals only for road cyclists?

At this stage yes, we are putting all our energy into the road scene, but we have plenty of ideas for expanding in the future.

Is Velo Goals for males only?

No, our only requirement of athletes that we coach is a minimum age of 16.

Do I need to have a power meter or heart rate monitor?

We require athletes to have either a heart rate monitor or power meter to join Velo Goals, for the Gold Plan we require athletes to have a power meter.

Do I need to have a bike computer like a Garmin or Wahoo?

No, but you will need to have some type of device to see your realtime data while you're riding including you heart rate. Some athletes use their phones which can connect to bluetooth HR monitors.

What's the credibility of Velo Goals' Cycling programs?

Our training plans that we supply to each individual athlete are hand crafted by our team, some of which are ex professional cyclists. The training you'll undertake is based on findings from scientific journal papers, years of experience and results gained from our current and previous athletes. While unlike many other coaching services, every cycling program that we produce for each athlete is completely unique, just as every athlete is.

How do I get in touch to discuss my training program?

Upon joining Velo Goals we will provide you with all of the relevant contact information.

I'm a racing cyclist, will Velo Goals benefit me?

Of course! We have athletes that race at elite levels of the sport.

I have goals I want to target, will Velo Goals structure my training around them?

Both the Silver and Gold plans will structure your training specifically to have you peaking for your goals. Be wary however of having two many goals to target. While wanting to be fit to go hard on the weekends or race your friends is fine, trying to be super fit all year round or targeting more than 6 main goals spread throughout the year is a sure way to get run down. We will advise athletes on altering their quantity or degree of goals if we feel that it is unrealistic.

I have an indoor trainer, can I still use this with my Velo Goals workouts?

Absolutely, we don't specify where you have to perform your rides, apart from occasionally recommending to do them in the hills. So if you're a Zwift junkie or you want to jump on the trainer while watching the 2017 Le Tour de France then go ahead!

Why is Velo Goals so well priced?

Our founding group is a mix of ex professional cyclists and software developers. We combine our experience with the latest technology to deliver personalised and custom training plans faster and easier than anyone else. We're time efficient, it's really that simple.

How does the subscription & payment work?

Our athletes' Velo Goals subscription is run though a dedicated subscription service provider Zoho, athletes are billed monthly on the initial sign up date. If you wish to unsubscribe from Velo Goals you can either login to your personal Zoho account and unsubscribe or send us an email before your next billing date.

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